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Go Green with our Polypropylene Grocery Bags!

Our polypropylene grocery bags are designed to have the look, feel, strength and quality of cloth, are eco-friendly and reusable. All bags are available with a poly board insert for the bottom of the bag. The insert is made out of recycled plastic.

Rescue The Planet One Re-Useable Shopping Bag At A Time

Green is everywhere these days - green products, hybrid cars, organically grown foods - and with good cause. Environmental awareness is growing and business owners who understand this and adjust accordingly are making a smart move. For many businesses, re-useable bags are a sensible option to offer customers that also showcases your business name and commitment to the environment.

Unlike their plastic and paper counterparts, re-useable shopping bags don't add to the mountains of trash in landfills and on our oceans. As you're reading this there stands in the Pacific Ocean an area of higher than normal plastic concentrations known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Plastic and other debris form a Texas-sized wasteland where once there was only ocean.

Plastic, in all its shapes and sizes, as far as the eye can see. Reducing the number of those throw-away plastic bags can keep this area from getting any bigger.

You've probably noticed specialty grocery stores already offering re-useable grocery bags for sale to customers. You buy the bags, but they're roomy so you don't need nearly as many as you think; keep them in the car or by the door to use next time. While this new way of doing things takes a bit of getting used to, once the habit catches on, stores who offer re-useable bags have found customers embracing the idea wholeheartedly.

When you choose re-useable bags you offer customer, you give them…

  • a lasting way to help reduce the accumulation of plastic bags in our oceans and other places on the planet.
  • a sturdy bag that holds a lot, won't tear or crush fragile items.
  • a water-resistant, washable carry-all that's a lasting reminder of your business and commitment to the environment.

The good news is that you'll find re-useable shopping bags outside the grocery store checkout line. Retailers like Target have started a program that offers different sizes of re-useable shopping bags. The program has been so popular that it's set to expand across the country during the year.

Re-useable tote bags make a great addition to trade shows or special events, or a thoughtful gift to valued customers and employees. You'll want to choose the color and design with care, as you can be sure these bags will be seen time and time again.

As more and more of us become aware of what our throw-away manner of living is doing to the environment, businesses of all sizes are coming to realize that being green is good business. Re-useable bags are one way you can show your commitment to the environment.

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